Pioneer is a full service licensed general contractor.  Specializing in residential and commercial roofing as well as siding services and strive to make sure all our customers receive prominent service. Being a local company located in Plain City, Ohio, we are able to personally assist you with all of your homes exterior and interior needs. With nearly a decade of experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. Pioneer  has maintained a reputation for being a top-notch roofing  contractor in The greater Columbus Ohio area, Plain city and Dublin.  We treat your home as if it were our own.

In a nutshell, Pioneer’s experienced roofers have excellent craftsmanship, professional customer service, and are well-trusted in the Central Ohio community. With our residential roof services ranging from quality installation and effective repairs to thorough inspections and free consultations, it’s best to leave something as imperative as your home in expert hands.

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residential roofing

residential Roofing

Investing in an exceptional residential roof not only improves the value of your home and adds a certain level of style and sophistication, but it also protects everything of value beneath it.

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commercial roofing

commercial Roofing

Ready to take care of your commercial investment by upgrading your building’s roof system? Proper commercial roof installation plays a critical role in the future of your roof’s performance, as well as its overall lifespan.

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Roof Repair

At Pioneer, we perform both roof repair and roof replacement. These renovations are similar in nature but are quite different operations. Roof repair is performed for small problems like a single leak or a handful of missing shingles. The tasks are simple but necessary. Full roof replacement is different, in that we remove your existing roof and replace it with a new one, to ensure that it’s safe and operating in the way it should be.


roofing leak and stain

Stains streaks and leaks

One of the more telling signs that a roof needs to be replaced is when water damage is apparent. Brown stains on your ceiling are clear proof that your roof isn’t doing its primary job of protecting your home from the elements. A single, small leak is fixable with a quick repair job, but if your roof is letting in water in multiple areas, it is vital that you take care of it by having a full replacement.

old roofing

age of roofing

Different types of roofing have different lifespans. For example, Tile can last up to 50 years, but chances are you have the popular and more affordable asphalt shingles which only lasts around 20 years. Factor in a few damaging storms, and you may need a full replacement even sooner. When you’re aware that the warranty of your roof is starting to run out, it’s smart to start thinking about getting in touch with Pioneer to take care of it.

curling shingles on roofing

shingles curling/missing

Missing shingles or damaged areas are other indications that you may need a full replacement. As we know from being Minnesota homeowners ourselves, snow, hail, and stormy weather can do a number on the state of your roof. Not only can inclement weather damage the shingles, but it can also leave you with parts of your roof completely missing. For obvious reasons, whenever you notice missing or damaged shingles, it’s time to call.

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