Jeanne O.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐After hail damage to our roof in September 2019, we appealed to our home insurance plan for a new roof. The adjuster said we didn’t need a new roof despite the fact that all our neighbors were approved. We did need a new roof, and we contacted Pioneer Roofing, who had done good work for friends. They came out and did a thorough inspection, agreeing that the roof was indeed damaged by hail. Pioneer Roofing documented the damage, and we asked for a second opinion from the insurance company. When the new adjuster came by, Pioneer Roofing met them on the roof and was able to point out the visible damage and advocate for us and we were finally approved! Pioneer did an awesome job installing our roof. They arrived at 7 am with a large crew and tore the old roof off and installed a new one by 1 pm. They did a great job cleaning up, too. We got a roof with a long warranty that’s transferable at a price that was almost completely covered by the insurance settlement minus the deductible. Check out the picture. The roof used to be black, but we love the new textured high def Georgetown Gray they installed. I definitely recommend them.